Fire detection

Fires can occur at any time, whether they are triggered by accident, negligence, or on purpose.

In Belgium alone, about 10,000 fires are counted each year.

Too often, the risk of a fire is underestimated, and this is the reason why dramas can occur.

The first risk of a fire is the release of smoke, not the flame itself. Indeed, the smoke disorients, and its toxicity, due to fine particles and carbon monoxide (asphyxiant odorless gas) can have a fatal issue.

While you sleep, you can rely on an electronic detection system, to ensure a life-saving wake up call.

Furthermore, realizing the risks of a fire, the authorities have changed the legislation of fire alarms in 2006.

The installation of smoke detectors in homes became mandatory.

Thanks to this obligation, they managed to reduce the risk of a deadly fire by 70%.

After the training they have followed, and their many years of experience, Redalarm and its team of fire and alarm technicians, active in Brussels, Brabant Wallon, and more widely at the national level, are able to guide you in the best way, according to your specific needs.

They will advise you the type of detector to use depending on the situation (size of the building, number of rooms, building configuration, activity, ….), In compliance with the general standards of protection at work (RGPT), standards EN54 and NBN 21-100 and using only BOSEC approved equipment.

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