Alarm and video surveillance systems for construction sites

You want to secure your construction sites? Discover our solutions to fight vandalism and looting and protect your outdoor environments from € 399 per month (excluding VAT).

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100% autonomous alarm system

To secure your outdoor sites, our autonomous alarm system is installed everywhere in the blink of an eye.

Our solution:

  • 1 autonomous, waterproof, wireless alarm central, working on its own battery pack and designed to withstand weatherconditions.
  • 4 wireless motion detectors installed at strategic locations on your job site to accurately detect all movements.
  • 1 wireless keypad, to control your security system.
  • 1 outdoor wireless siren.

Redalarm takes care of programming, mounting and dismantling the alarm system of your building site, while offering 24/7 intervention service if a malfunction occurs.

Depending on your needs and your construction site, we can also modify our offer, for example by adding detectors or sirens.

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Mobile CCTV system

Industrial and construction sites are generally the favorite targets of thieves and vandals. To combat these thefts and relegations, our mobile video surveillance system is the ideal solution.

The surveillance system can, for example, be equipped with the following elements:

  • 4 cameras for 360 ° surveillance.
  • Multiple green light spots to illuminate the immediate environment of the system in the case of motion detection.
  • 1 WiFi antenna with a range of 2Km to send images to an internet router and avoid high 4G consumption.
  • 1 recorder with a 2TB hard disk to record and save the filmed events.
  • 1 autonomous alarm system, which protects the immediate environment of the mobile CCTV system within a radius of 15 meters.

Do you need additional information about the installation and additional services of your mobile surveillance cameras? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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