Access control

An effective access control system also allow you to improve the safety of your buildings.

Indeed, how to distinguish an employee from a visitor? How to give access to certain providers, at certain times of the day only (Suppliers, cleaning companies, ..)

Beyond the practical aspect, having a better control on the comings and goings of the people,  will avoid you many inconveniences.

A large number of solutions exist today to ensure you a better security. The simplest can control a single door, and the opening will be provided via a code or a badge, specific to the user.

Types of access controls:

  • Proximity readers
  • Coding keyboards
  • Biometric readers (fingerprint & optical)

The more elaborate systems will take into account an important number of informations, and allow the authentication of people, as well as the rights of passage, depending on the hierarchy of the users.

They will also allow you to use clocking and transfer this information to your social secretary, to calculate payroll.

REDALARM technicians are trained to advise you the systems, best suited for your needs.

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