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Alarm and video surveillance installer in BENELUX

REDALARM is a security company (alarm, video surveillance, fire detection, access control) approved by Belgian government , active at the national level  in the different regions : Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders.

With 16 years of experience we have developped our services, to offer you the opportunity to have one single point of contact, throughout the evolution of your projects.

As an authorized alarm installer, we carry out risk studies, to offer you “customized” solutions that meet your exact needs and can respond to different levels of risk, ranked from 1 to 4, depending on your needs or your situation.

We are able to secure your projects at every stage, like your building sites, thanks to our autonomous alarm systems.  We will also be able to advise you in the best way for the definitive security of your property, whether it is with an indoor and outdoor intrusion detection facility, or fire detection, access control, and CCTV.

We also coordinate with your contractors, electricians, architects, etc., in order to plan the ideal location of wiring, to accommodate your final security systems.

Our facilities operate without subscription, but can be connected to remote monitoring centers  and security companies at your request.

Our experience has also allowed us to select the best security equipment; It integrates all the new technologies, whether it is the external security of your homes and businesses thanks to specially designed detectors for this purpose, or remote control via a mobile application, home automation integration, and much more .

This will reduce the time factor of an intrusion attempt to its minimum, and will warn you about an undesired presence as soon as an intruder approaches.


Our aggregation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and our INCERT certification guarantee:

A professional installation adapted to your security needs

Knowledge and respect of the legislation on the installation and maintenance of security equipment

Installation of your alarm system by reliable staff.

Respect for the confidentiality of your data with regard to the security of your home.

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